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Featured in Runners World magazine 2010 & Cleo magazine Jan 2013

Run Revolution and Chi Running®

There are countless books, courses, and classes on how to improve your golf swing, your tennis game, and your cycling technique but none teaching you how to run properly.


Run Revolution, using the Chi Running® program, does just that by teaching people the biomechanically correct running form that is in line with the laws of physics and with the ancient principles of movement found in T'ai Chi.


Chi Running® technique is based on the same principles and orientation as Yoga, Pilates, and T'ai Chi: working with core muscles; integrating mind and body; and focusing on overall and long term performance and well being.



Reduce Fatigue and Injuries  

Nearly all runners suffer a running related injury at some point.  However running is not the cause of most of these injuries.  It's HOW you run that causes injuries.  Run Revolution shows you how to reduce or eliminate the risk of running related injuries with an efficient biomechanical running form.  You simply learn how to align your posture and relax your body while running. 


Running Efficiency  

When you learn the Chi Running®  method with Run Revolution, running changes from something you do with your legs, to something you do with your mind and entire body, with the help from the forces of nature - specifically, gravity.  The result is a highly efficient running form that requires less overall effort, reduces strain on the body and minimises post run recovery time.  This will translate into the ability to run faster and longer.


Improved Mind/Body Connection  

Chi Running®  changes the way you think about running from solely a fitness activity or sport to a practice similar to Yoga or Pilates.  When you practice Chi Running®, you work to improve your skills and yourself.  You will also learn whats going on in your body through 'body sensing'.  This is a valuable skill for any physical sport or action. 




Whether you're a beginner runner, a marathon runner, a triathlete, or someone who runs to stay fit, Chi Running® has helped thousands improve their technique, reduce injury and achieve personal goals. Chi Running® helps reduce and eliminate: shin splints, IT band syndrome, hamstring injury, plantar faciitus, hip problems and the most famous running injury of all: knee injury.

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